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TodayMon, 27th Feb 2023

  • News Sacrifice Your Friends to Demons in Social Survival Horror Deceit 2 on PS5, PS4

    The Ritual of Deceit has begun

    Deceit 2 is a multiplayer survival horror game with an emphasis on social interaction, and it's coming to PS5 and PS4 in 2023. The easiest way to describe Deceit 2 is that it's essentially Among Us but with significantly more violence. The aim of this asymmetric game is to find who amongst your pals is the Infected...

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  • News Deep Rock Galactic's PS Plus Launch Was Instrumental to Success of IP

    Rock and stone!

    Deep Rock Galactic is one of the better service games on the market, with its unique blend of procedurally generated mining missions combined with intense cooperative FPS gameplay, making it a must-play. Much of the IP's newfound popularity has to do with the title launching (on PlayStation, anyway) as a PS Plus title. That's...

    • Coffee Stain Publishing
    • PS5
    • Deep Rock Galactic
  • News Octopath Traveller 2 Remains Simply Stunning in HD-2D Gameplay

    Choose your path

    Octopath Traveller II is out in the wild now, but we can't stop gushing about how incredible its pixel-perfect HD-2D art style is, which is on full display in the trailer above. In addition to looking like a dream, the music is great, too, not to mention the gripping storyline and excellent turn-based combat mechanics. We thought...

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  • News Dragon Age: Origins Writer Thinks It's Time For 'PS5-Era Bells and Whistles' Remaster

    So two thousand and late

    Dragon Age: Origins writer David Gaider thinks it's time for a "PS5-era bells and whistles" remaster, presumably with 4K visuals running at 60fps, with haptic integration, and we can't help but agree. Gaider was musing on Twitter that, given the current appetite for high-quality remasters and remakes from the 2000s (such as...

    • BioWare
    • Dragon Age
    • Industry
  • News Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Gets Blistering Launch Trailer Ahead of Impending Release

    Hype fuel

    The appointed date is almost upon us. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is launching later this week, on 3rd March for both PS5 and PS4, and we got a bombastic launch trailer to get the blood pumping. Team Ninja is bringing the expertise learned during the development of both Nioh and Nioh 2 to bear, trading the cast of Nobunaga's Ambition for that...

    • Koei Tecmo
    • PS5
    • PS4
    • Wo Long
  • Poll What Did You Think of The Last of Us - Episode 7?

    Left Behind

    We're heading towards HBO's finale of its The Last of Us TV adaptation, but episode seven took a step back in time for a large flashback focusing on Ellie's relationship with Riley. Appearances from Joel are kept to the start and end of the hour-long episode, allowing the two girls to steal the show with some nighttime fun in the mall...

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YesterdaySun, 26th Feb 2023

  • Guide New PS5, PS4 Games This Week (27th February to 5th March)


    What new PS5 and PS4 games are releasing in physical retailers and as part of the PS Store update this week? After the enormous PSVR2 launch week, the release schedule calms a little this time. There's still Destiny 2: Lightfall and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty to look out for, though. Click through the links for a full list of all new PS5...

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  • News Do You Want Dead Space 2 and 3 PS5 Remakes? Time to Tell EA

    Rise from your grave

    Following the impressive success of Dead Space’s recent remake, EA is eager to know if you’re up for more. As shared on Twitter, the juggernaut publisher is currently conducting market research regarding “similar remakes” for Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3. Both titles originally released on the PS3, in 2011 and 2013...

    • EA
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  • Random We Need This Japan-Exclusive Pingu PlayStation Controller

    Time Extension Noot noot!

    Japan really does get all of the good stuff, and if you need proof of this, then check out the Pingu-branded PlayStation controller below. Released in 1999, the pad featured stubbier prongs (to make it more appealing to the tiny hands of children, presumably) and two characters hanging on the top – as far as we're aware, two variants...

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Saturday25th Feb 2023

  • News The Response to Rocksteady's Suicide Squad Has Been Abysmal

    Boo hoo

    It looks like Rocksteady fumbled its big opportunity to sell Suicide Squad: The Justice League this week, as the response to the release has been abysmal at best. A widely-shared Forbes Contributor op-ed ran with the headline that the PS5 game looks like “live service hell”, and frankly we’ve seen a similar sentiment all over social...

    • Warner Bros
    • PS5
    • Suicide Squad
  • News PSVR2 Early Adopters Are Struggling to Find the Sweet Spot

    All a blur

    While there’s been a ton of positivity surrounding this week’s PSVR2 launch, one of the dominating discussions has pertained to how to fix blurry or unclear image quality. A large proportion of early adopters – both virtual reality veterans and complete rookies – are struggling to find the “sweet spot” in the lenses, which is...

    • Sony
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  • Guide Best JRPGs Of All Time

    Time Extension Get ready to role

    You love Japanese role-playing games. We love Japanese role-playing games. Ergo, it’s about time we put together a list of the best retro Japanese role-playing games. Inspired by the likes of Ultima and Wizardry from the early 1980s, the JRPG genre flourished in the late 80s and early 90s before becoming one of the most renowned...

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  • Preview Humanity Is a Surrealist Spin on Lemmings in Intriguing PS5, PS4 Demo

    Absolutely barking

    To be frank, when Humanity was announced back in 2019, we weren't really sure what we were looking at. A series of delays made it all the more mysterious. It was only with the recent reintroduction during February's State of Play that things began to click into place. The game comes from

    • Enhance Games
    • PS5
    • PSVR2
    • PS4
    • PSVR
  • News Resident Evil 4, Street Fighter 6 the Big Winners from State of Play


    Capcom were the biggest winners once again from the latest State of Play, with its new Resident Evil 4 and Street Fighter 6 trailers attracting almost 1.5 million views combined on PlayStation’s official channel. Despite being the headline attraction, Suicide Squad: The Justice Leag

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  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 465

    Ishin you a wonderful weekend

    Happy PSVR2 launch weekend, folks! If you managed to grab the new headset, then we sincerely hope you're having a great time with it. If not, well, there's still a ton of other games to play — including Like a Dragon: Ishin!. Aaron Bayne: The launch of the PSVR2 has ensured that I’ll be diving into all kinds of VR...

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